History of ISOQUIMEN

  • 1984: Josep Aranda started breeding laboratory animals (SPF rats, SPF mice, guinea pigs, rabbits and beagle dogs) as Interfauna Ibérica S.A. (first facility in Spain breeding SPF Laboratory animals).
  • 1995: Harlan took over Interfauna Ibérica S.A. for breeding rodents (rats, mice and guinea pigs). Creation of Harlan Interfauna Ibérica S.L. with Josep Aranda acting as general manager of this new company until 2005. The same year, Josep Aranda founded Isoquimen S.L. to continue breeding non-rodents (beagles, conventional cats and rabbits).
  • 2001: The Company became one of the main independent suppliers of beagles, conventional cats and MDL rabbits for pharmaceutical companies (human and animal health) and CROs all over Europe.
  • 2006: Isoquimen started providing experimental services for pharmaceutical companies and the conventional cat colony became an SPF barrier. We started to provide training for animal carers annually, the course being equivalent to FELASA category A.
  • 2009: Isoquimen started Isoquimen India Private Limited in India to breed laboratory beagles for Indian and Asian Clients (being the first facility of this kind in India). Our first Indian puppies were born in June 2011.
  • 2010: Isoquimen S.L. was accredited with the ISO 9001:2008 and extended its experimental services.
  • 2012: Isoquimen obtained GLP accreditation for our experimental services in March and started breeding BBB (barrier bred beagle). We increased our capacity and facilities with two new sites in Sant Feliu itself, for field studies on one site and studies in semi-barrier conditions on the other site.
  • 2013: Isoquimen S.L. increased its service capacity by contracting specialized staff and with new buildings for research. We improved the environmental and enrichment conditions for animal welfare and also the energy efficiency of our barriers. We also extended our SPF cat Barrier.
  • 2014: We have already operative a BSL2 facility for the challenge of cats and have completely redesigned our internal logistics system by a warehouse outside the headquarters. Both buildings are 6 km far from Isoquimen. 
  • One of our objectives for 2015 is to achieve the AAALAC accreditation, both for our facilities in Barcelona and Hyderabad.
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