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Isoquimen is a preclinical CRO and an authorised breeder of clean conventional beagle dogs, BBB (barrier bred beagles), SPF (specific pathogen free) cats, ferrets and MDL (minimum disease level) New Zealand white rabbits. We also perform the in-vivo phase of studies, being accredited for Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). 


Pre-clinical Studies:
  • DMPK Studies
  • Tolerance
  • MTD (Minimum tolerated Dose)
  • DRF (Dose Range Finding) 
Immunological Studies:
  • Vaccinal batch release testing
  • Safety of active and inactive vaccines
  • Long term in-life phase of immunity Studies
  • Sensitization against different antigens
Nutrition Studies:
  • Palatability Digestibility Tolerance 
Field Studies:
  • Planning, design and performance of field Studies for a variety of animal diseases
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